New account

2012-02-07 23:32:03 by hikuihito

Time to retire this username, I'll be at

See you there!

Thank you speech

2010-04-14 00:38:12 by hikuihito

14th of April 2010. The day the earth waited in suspense searching for the highest rated flash among thousands of challengers.
My friends, we faced many worthy adversaries during this epic struggle, but we fought up to the end - voting 5 on our own. When the situation seemed helpless, when it seemed clear that first place would not be in our hands and it would be given to a poorly animated, unfunny opponent, a shimmering light fell upon us and we rose up and blammed the villainous assailant (I'm joking, I would never do that!).
It may have cost millions of clicks, it may have cost millions of seconds, it even may have cost the lives of many. It brings me great pleasure to announce that I have won a daily feature on newgrounds (aka daily 1st). I must thank all who helped in my triumphant victory today in ruling the newgrounds portal(only for one day though). We are... victorious!